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Spiritual Anatomy

OCT 20. 2016

Most people have heard of chakras or points, which can be described as centres of concentrated divine energy located at different places within the human system. Associated with each of the points are sub-points, and in the intervening space between the points is a network interwoven by numerous intricate fibres. As we proceed along, we pass through these intervening layers. All this together forms a network that can be described as the spiritual anatomy of a human being.

There are thirteen main points from the heart up to the back of the head. The heart is where we start our spiritual journey, so let's start by identifying the points around the heart, also known as point 1.

Hari kesavan. S. V

Thank you daaji, for your description so nice to to identify points in our spiritual anatomy more important for the aspirants.... Great simplification ..

December 07 2016 AT 11:48:00 AM

Piyush Dixit

Thank you Daaji.

January 22 2017 AT 04:24:00 AM

prakash venugopal

Thank you Daaji for the clear explanation.

January 26 2017 AT 10:45:00 AM


Thank you Dear Daaji

February 08 2017 AT 10:56:00 AM

Merugu Karunaker Reddy

Thanks Daaji for simple and effective demonstration of ABCD and 1 to 4 points.

April 07 2017 AT 06:59:00 AM

Srinadh Karumuri

Sounds great! I followed the links to "Towards Infinity". I think it is revolutionizing the whole spiritual anatomy. How little we knew.

November 29 2017 AT 01:02:00 AM