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Gift Supreme - A Surrendered Heart

OCT 01. 2021

Hindi lyrics and English translation of this song:

आत्मा ने हालतें परमात्मा जानी न थीं
नाथ जब तक आपकी हमपर महरबानी न थी।।

Soul has not known the longing of God
Lord till your compassion touched my heart

नाखुदा बन कर बचा ली आपने मेरी ये नांव
जिसकी इस बहरे जहां में कुछ निगहबानी न थी।।

Like an adept sailor you saved my sinking boat
In the muck of the world with no refuge

मैं तलाशे राहे हक में मुद्दतों हैरां फिरा
आप जब रहबर बने तो कुछ परेशानी न थी।।

I searched a right path for long bewildered
With you as the guide, peaceful I am

है समर्पित श्री चरणों में ये ह्रदय श्रद्धा प्रसून
इससे बेहतर पास कोई चीज़ लासानी न थी।।

my heart bloomed in faith I place at your feet
A more fitting gift supreme I have none.

This composition was prepared by Late Shri Rameshwar Prasad Mishra. This gentleman was Pujya Babuji Maharaj’s gurubhai (spiritual brother; both had the same guru). Some of you, who have read the book, ‘Reality at Dawn’, would know that it is dedicated to this same gentleman. A guru dedicating a book to his gurubhai, who had a very special relationship with Babuji. He was not only a gurubhai but was his disciple as well. After Pujya Lalaji’s passing, he was one of those first ones who accepted Babuji Maharaj as his Guru and the successor to Lalaji Maharaj. The bond of love between Babuji and him gets reflected in many of his works, many speeches, many of his writings, and compositions like this. Which guru would write a dedication to his gurubhai? It is unheard of in the history of spirituality, where a guru would dedicate a book to his shishya (disciple) or gurubhai. Let us all delve a little bit more into this bond between a guru and a disciple, where a guru is compelled to dedicate something to his gurubhai, and a disciple. It speaks volumes here, you see.

All the time we have been seeing Babuji’s love for Lalaji Maharaj. It was unparalleled. He did not look at anyone else. Yet we see, on many occasions where he praises his gurubhai, Rameshwar Prasad Mishra. What is it that attracted Babuji towards him? Unflinching devotion, courage - unparalleled courage, unquestioned!

So, this composition tells us a lot. Listen to it time and again. Samarpit Hriday (surrendered heart). Focus on that - Surrendered heart with Shraddha (total faith).

Thank you.