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AUG 26. 2022

Dear friends,

On this joyous day of Janmashtami, I would like to share with you some thoughts about consciousness and energy.

According to Babuji, if energy is not utilized it will destroy itself in due course, while science says that energy can never be destroyed but can be transformed. Whether we understand it as destroyed or transformed, when we don’t use energy either by acquiring vidya or acquiring avidya, much worse can happen – stagnation of energy. That’s why it is not good to be a lazy person. People think that a lazy person is not doing anything bad, but stagnation is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Laziness also creates some level of samskaras, because grossness continues to accumulate.

Those of you who have read James Allen’s book, As a Man Thinketh, will remember the following sequence: thoughts lead to actions, which lead to results, which lead to character, which lead to destiny. Yet, there is something before thoughts – samskaras. Samskaras color our thinking, adding filters to our awareness and perception.

But before a samskara manifests as a thought, there is the possibility of us making an intention that changes the fixed pathway. In fact, this can happen at any stage, thus ultimately changing our destiny. Our Sahaj Marg practices are all based on the use of intention, which we know as sankalpa, and the intervention can happen at any stage.


The entire universe is pulsating with energy. What we see as manifested matter is also condensed energy. The energy moving within an electron spins in a certain direction at a certain speed – the angle of that spin creates the negative charge. When the spin is in the opposite direction at a higher speed, a proton is created with a positive charge. The complex energy movement of the negative and positive spin within the nucleus creates a neutron, when the charges cancel each other out and weight is created. There are many other sub-subatomic particles, like quarks and hypothetical tachyons, and with this there are a great number of variations of energy movement. These are all energies combining in different proportions and creating this manifested universe.

In a similar way, energy flowing through the mind, through the consciousness of an individual, creates a certain field, depending upon the filters in that consciousness. Energy passing through one field of consciousness manifests as hatred, whereas energy passing through another field of consciousness manifests as love. In between, there are so many possible qualities we can find, just as there are so many types of subatomic particles. For example, a certain consciousness will be kind, compassionate, and empathetic, another will be greedy and selfish, and yet another indifferent.

These differences can be seen among individuals, and they can also be seen in the same individual at different times. For example, say you have lots of love for a person, but then a circumstance happens to change the way you feel. Your changed perception of the other person changes the flow of energy. As a result, your own chakras are affected, and your changed perception is then reinforced by thinking about the circumstances again and again. This shifting canvas of consciousness is the energy field we are talking about.

Energy flowing through the mind, through the
consciousness of an individual, also creates a certain field,
depending upon the filters in that consciousness.

Complexities are then further added when we interact, because we deceive each other so much. You may hate someone, and want to cheat them – that is your inner intention – but you keep on smiling. There is no coherence between your energy field and your outer field. Your looks are deceptive, so your energy field is distorted. The mismatch between your mind and brain creates complexities. Then, within your heart, feelings create complexities. And complexities can also exist between the conscious and subconscious mind, as often we are unaware of the subconscious.

So, look after your intentions. An intention can change your thinking. And if you miss that opportunity and your samskaric pattern translates into thought, you still have the capacity to change your pattern of thinking before you take up any action. Sages and saints use prevention – they correct their intentions. Wise people correct their thinking. Practical people correct their actions. Cleaning can provide an intervention at all the stages.

What is the role of the Master in this sequence? The Master impacts our consciousness if we allow it. If we resonate with him, then we are borrowing his consciousness so that we’re able to see through his vision rather than our limited vision. It is like a small boy perceiving the world through the eyes of his father – the child sees the world the way the father does when sitting on his shoulders. He may not become like his father in that moment, but he can still ask his father to carry him, to see the world like him. Similarly, the Master carries us.

In this way, constant remembrance has various facets. It starts with meditation and retaining the condition. Then it expands to include thinking, “I’m doing everything for my Master.” Then the stage comes where we are absorbed within him while doing things. We are using different filters at those times.

For the Master to have an effect, we have to reach that state where we can no longer tolerate our old way of being. The Master works uniformly on all of us, but the results vary. How is it that he is not able to create such a state in everybody? Because success is in the hands of the abhyasi, not in the hands of the Master. That’s why we practice, and that’s why we need a living guru. How can we surrender to a dead person, who cannot fight with us, irritate us, and challenge us to transform?

With love and respect,


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