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Meditation can beat work stress

AUG 03. 2018

We are collectively being faced with more external pressures in the modern world. The pace of work is increasing and we are asked to do more work in less time. If we are not careful in living an orderly life, our stress levels can skyrocket and leave us rattled with anxiety, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions. Luckily there are many ways to deal with stress constructively. While we may not have full control over the external environment, we can slowly gain mastery over the internal environment, or the mind.

There are many ways to train the mind, and all of them have to do with regulating our thoughts. Here are two practical ways to train your mind and regulate your thoughts at work to lower stress and anxiety.

Give others the benefit of the doubt: People might say rude or insensitive things to you while also placing heavy work demands on you. Instead of getting angry, remain aware that they probably had no intention to be mean to you. That may be how they communicate, they may also be under a lot of pressure, and they might not be aware of what your schedule is like. Give others the benefit of the doubt with respect to their intentions, while also being clear and firm about your needs and capacity to take on work.

Actively generate positive emotions: Positive emotions such as gratitude, love, joy, etc. harmonise the mind, which can help you manage and complete your work more effectively. We can actively generate positive emotions from within ourselves. Think of all the things in your life you are grateful for. Think of those things that make you feel love, happiness, joy, etc. and really feel those positive emotions and let them wash over you. Make a habit of remaining in a positive emotional state even when there is chaos around you.

The mind is efficiency obsessed, and therefore, it is difficult to re-orient it from patterns of negative thinking. It is useful to take up an effective meditation system to work on reconstructing our minds into dynamos of positive energy.

Kamlesh D Patel, Global Guide, Heartfulness, Hyderabad