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Guided Heartfulness Relaxation

MAY 31. 2016

I would like to share with you all a very special feature of Heartfulness Meditation.

Before every meditation, we need our entire system to be relaxed. For that, we need to be relaxed fully. How do we do it? We take the help of Mother Earth; we sit comfortably in a chair or in asanas on the floor. Imagine that the energy of Mother Earth is entering through your feet and is helping you relax your toes and feet. Slowly allow this energy to move upward through your ankles and lower legs. While it is moving upward, try to feel how the cells, the muscles, the bones it covers are relaxing. The calf muscles are relaxed. Let this energy flow upwards to your knees, let it imbue that. Let that energy move into your thigh muscles. Feel the lightness in relaxation.

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