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Goal of Meditation

MAY 21. 2016

Q: What is the goal of Heartfulness meditation? Where does it lead?

KDP: I think goals are set not by the process or by God. Goals are set by individuals. It is up to us what we set, and what we want to achieve through whatever we do. It is not just for spirituality that we have to set goals. Even in the material world, even when you play football, what are your goals? How do you achieve them? When you become a doctor, what are your goals? There can be so many kinds of specialisation.

Similarly, approaching or treading on the divine path, it is up to each one of us. If you want peace of mind, you set your goal so that you feel peace all the time – that is your goal. Some people say, “I would like to have much more than that. I would like to feel liberated from within.” That is that person's goal. Another person will say, “I would like to achieve and feel universal consciousness.” That is that person's goal.

So I think the goal is individually driven. Even if someone says, '”Let this be your goal,” it is still a futile establishment. I must have my own goal, based on my heart's signals.