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The Meaning of Life… The Heartfulness Way

MAY 31. 2018

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Excellence Reporter: Daaji, what is the meaning of life?

Kamlesh D. Patel: There can be as many answers to this question as there are people, as we all have different individual goals and aspirations. But if we take a broad overview, we can easily see that life on Earth is an opportunity to evolve.

If we then narrow it to human life, how do we evolve? Homo sapiens means ‘wise humane being’, so our human evolution is not about growing longer toes or stronger limbs, but about becoming wise, humane beings. And how does that happen? Through the evolution of our subtle body, the vibrational field that we know as the heart and mind. As the subtle body evolves, we develop an expanded consciousness, wisdom, intuition and higher perception, an insightful problem-solving mind, inspirational creativity, and selfless love and empathy.

The evolution of the subtle body gives us the ability to design our own destiny, as we use our cognitive functions to choose our direction in life. But what guides those choices? The mind on its own does not have the ability to choose based on wisdom and conscience – the mind is in a sense amoral, as there is no guiding principle in the mind, only a number of mental functions that need to be guided. The guiding principle that underpins the working of the mind and determines our destiny is the heart, the source or centre of our existence. This heart is the same source or centre that exists for every being, including the universe itself, and at the level of the universe that guiding principle is often called God. When we uncover it and let it flourish within the heart, then life has some higher purpose and meaning.

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