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NOV 06. 2018

Dear friends, Happy Diwali.

One sentence from the Upanishads has been coming to me again and again:

Asato mā sadgamaya tamasomā jyotir gamaya

May I proceed from untruth to truth and from darkness to light.

The Diwali festival is a ritual reminding us of the importance of moving from darkness to light, from ignorance to truth. And the intention is only this: how to evolve.

What is the darkness in us? Primarily it is our state of ignorance, sloth, inaction and unawareness. Whatever we are doing, whether it is worshipping God, meditating, or any other activity in daily life, are we aware from within? Mindfully we may be aware, but heartfully are we aware of love flowing through our hearts in all our actions and thoughts?

Heartfulness is all about this – awareness added to affection and love. Otherwise the whole awareness business is a very short-lived application.

When we have the awareness of “Why am I here? What am I trying to achieve?” in every moment, along with love in everything that we do, it epitomizes and signifies Heartfulness. This attitude immediately brings light within. We are not talking of ordinary light or ordinary awakening. We are talking of divine awakening, divinization of our being.

Without ignoring the significance of rituals, let’s stick to the essence of them. When we are absorbed in Divinity, it must stir our hearts. Hearts must melt and dissolve, and when we interact with others nothing more is required. What happens when more and more love and affection oozes out of us all the time, even when we look at trees, in empty space, and when we are doing nothing on our own? Let this undercurrent of love and light continue throughout all our daily activities, while we remain completely aware of the highest goal in life, nothing less. May it be so.

All the best, Daaji 6 November 2018