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What happens at the moment of death

Aren’t we all fascinated by this question: what happens after death? What becomes of me? Don’t we ponder also: what was I before I was born? So somewhere I must have died in the past. So when I die now I’ll become someone, something. And this circle goes on and on and on. Unless of course, this new mechanism which yogis have invented from their experiences – they have claimed that there is a state of liberation or moksha. What happens to...

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Travels with Daaji in Maharashtra Kolhapur, Miraj, Sangola & Solapur   Monday,27 May 2019 After conducting meditation in the morning, Daaji left Satara for Kolhapur. In between, he stopped and conducted meditation at an abhyasi’s shop in Karad, and on the way out he noticed that they had a statue of Lord Krishna in a glass case kept on the floor. Immediately he pointed at the statue and asked them to elevate the statue so that it is not being touched by people’s feet. Upon...

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Travels with Daaji in MaharashtraIn times of disruption  Most of us think of pride, ego and passion as negative forces that do not help in our evolution. Is it possible to use these energies for the greater good? Daaji was explaining this idea and said, “It is about flipping these energies positively towards spiritual pursuit. Even pride rightly placed can become an effective force in our upliftment.” He was remembering the call of Swami Vivekananda: “Give me men of passion.” The...

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A Heartful Embrace

Saint Tukdoji Maharaj’s satsangh and HeartfulnessAll religions and spiritual systems speak about oneness – about one God and one humanity. Yet how often do we find people of different spiritual systems openly and joyfully embracing each other’s approach and practices, and coming together in harmony, unity and peace? In fact it is so rare that when it happens it is cause for celebration and renewed hope for the future. Such a heartful embrace has happened in the last few months...

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In our heartfulness movement, all are welcome and encouraged to make heartfulness their own. When this feeling of apna pan or belongingness is there, we all work together as a family towards a common goal, serving humanity by working towards our Masters’ vision. An abhyasi brother who is the District Collector in Mahbubnagar came to Daaji with the inspiration to introduce heartfulness to Sarpanches (village heads), Anganwadi teachers (pre-school teachers) and Asha workers (health workers) across all the villages in his...

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