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A live journal of blessed activities in and around Kanha with Daaji

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Kanha Shantivanam 19th May 2023

Daaji began his day with a walk through the forest at Gokul Point. While walking, Daaji made proposals for the Sybaris plantation region. Daaji arrived in the meditation hall after the walk and led a group meditation with 771 other people. Daaji then solemnised the wedding and spoke with a few guests, including Sh. Himanshu Gupta, with whom he discussed teacher's training. Daaji met a few more guests and talked about a variety of topics.

"What is meditation? Simply put, Meditation is a journey in consciousness. Whatever level of consciousness we all have, because of meditation it touches some level of super-consciousness. And because of the cleaning that I mentioned to you, it cleans your subconscious. So, you are creating more and more space, allowing your available consciousness to expand. So, in one way you are saying that I am on the way to expansion of my consciousness. Now having understood this much, I have to understand the fundamental thing, what is consciousness after all? Simply put, I would like to define consciousness as the degree of awareness, perception, and feelings."
Daaji’s day started with a walk around 7 a.m. in the forest near Gokul Point. Daaji was having some Rajasthani sweets, which he powered and distributed during the walk to all the plants as part of an experiment. In a while, Daaji came to an area that was dug and made ready for mulching and asked to cover it with green and dry leaves layer by layer, fill up the area, and prepare compost.   As they walked on, Daaji gave suggestions on the plantation area for the Sybaris plants and then walked towards the canal and fed the fish in the pond. Daaji spotted a plant (a fig plant) that was unwell and asked that miracle growth nutrition be provided for it.
After the walk, Daaji got ready and reached the meditation hall around 8.55 am to conduct a group meditation session from 9.02 am to 9.30 am. Around 771 members were present in the meditation hall, including 100 teachers from Delhi, the Delhi Govt. Education Director, Sh. Himanshu Gupta, and other practitioners and guests.   Daaji then solemnised the wedding of Sachin from Pune and Stuti from Agra and then met Sh. Himanshu Gupta and other guests in the meditation hall office. Daaji asked Himanshu ji how the teacher's training was going on, to which he replied:Daaji, we have done the training in many places, but most of the teachers felt this was a completely different and serene experience, and they were astonished with the Brighter Minds demo and were speechless, saying, "Is it possible humanly? They then discussed how the work could be carried out and implemented further by all the teachers.
Daaji then called Niyati, a student studying at the Kanha Coaching Centre, to come and demonstrate the different Brighter Minds learnings. After seeing her demonstration, all the guests were speechless and asked her to give a demo for all the teachers later in the day.   Daaji then spoke about KCC and said, "This year we started coaching classes. Even though we have a school, students still go away for coaching classes. So, we said, why do that? We started coaching classes here. Three of the students topped in Telangana State in the very first year of coaching classes. The fundamental thing is that everybody meditates. And there are other things that they also incorporate. Meditation is a primary thing. And one girl from the city is studying at another school; her parents are meditating, she meditates, and she topped number one. So, you can say that practically all people who meditate are in the top ten. It's difficult to see the difference between one meditation and another meditation, but here they use Pranahuti (transmission), because of which you are able to relax faster and go deeper within yourself."   Himanshu Ji then said it would be nice if some sort of vegetation techniques were taught to the children from classes 9 to 12 in the schools and asked for suggestions from Daaji. Daaji suggested terrace gardening, hydroponics, and many other things, and then told him he would prepare a curriculum and share it with him.   Himanshu Ji then said he had undergone polarity last night, and it was very good. Daaji then said, "Especially when children are taught this and you ask them to do Polarity on parents at home before they go to sleep, they (parents) will congratulate you for doing this. The child will be able to put their parents to sleep in less than 5 minutes." Daaji then asked all teachers to be taught polarity. Later, one of the practitioners present asked Daaji if he had any guidance for teaching Brighter Minds to children. Daaji said, "Teach with interest; that’s it. What appeals to children is your interest, your body language, your love, and the way you shower confidence. Always, yes, you can do it. Even if they fail, don't say it was wrong. Try again. Try again."
After 40 minutes of discussion, Daaji took leave of the guests. He then went to the nursery and gave a few baobab seeds, then went home, after which he was busy with a few meetings with the in-house team on the upcoming construction works. Daaji then spent time with his grandchildren, listening to classical devotional music with them.
Later in the evening, around 5.55 p.m., Daaji went to the conference hall to conduct another group meditation session for the Delhi government teachers. After a short introduction of Daaji by Himanshu ji, Daaji conducted the meditation from 5.59 p.m. to 6.27 p.m. It was followed by a beautiful talk and a series of thought-provoking questions and answers.   Daaji spoke about the failed experiment with the school students of Mahbubnagar district, where 30,000 students were introduced to heartfulness practises, which continued to happen till the time the district’s collector was in charge. After his transfer, the efforts came to a stop, but nonetheless, a few students did benefit. Daaji talked about the benefits of Brighter Minds for children as well as the elderly. He urged all present to practise sincerely the morning meditation and evening cleaning for at least 3 months and observe with a diary how their lives transform from the inside out. He asked them to set goals and start experiencing things rather than simply believing in them.   Further speaking on belief, Daaji said, "The sun and the stars are there. Do we believe in them? We see them; we don't have to believe them. Same thing with godliness: we experience it; I don't have to believe it, and through meditation and the heartfulness cleaning process, as we increase our own purity and simplicity, to that extent, divinity manifests in us. We don't have to look for the heavens or travel towards the heavens. In such hearts, God descends, and that becomes heaven. And that’s the beauty of a system where we ourselves transform automatically. Just a little bit of exercise in closing our eyes in the morning with the thought that divine light is already there in my heart and I am receiving that yogic transmission through heartfulness And that's all; 20 to 30 minutes are enough. If you want to do it for 10 minutes to start with, go ahead. If you want to do it even for 5 minutes, do it."   Later, Daaji spoke about the cleaning process, saying, "The evening cleaning process is all about decluttering what we have collected during the daytime," and then explaining cleaning. Daaji then said, "If you go to the gym, you exercise like crazy and you sweat a lot. From a distance, you are smelling, right? And you tell Mommy, Mommy, I just came from exercise, and I love it so much, and you want to hug her. What will your mother tell you? Go take a bath first, isn't it? So something similar happens to our consciousness. During the daytime, our activities, knowingly or unknowingly, force us in such a way that our consciousness gets somehow spoiled. We need to clean up what has stained our consciousness. And once it's removed, then you can mingle with the family members with a better mindset."   Daaji then spoke about the prayer and said, "Before you finally retire to bed, offer a prayer, heart-melting in love, remaining grateful to the Maker for whatever may happen during the daytime, and especially, seek forgiveness for all that went wrong."
Daaji then answered a few questions from the teachers.   Q.Is there any significance to what I felt every time during meditation, and what is the role of noting it down immediately after meditation?   Daaji: To me, what is meditation? Simply put, meditation is a journey into consciousness. Whatever level of consciousness we all have, meditation touches some level of superconsciousness. And because of the cleaning that I mentioned to you, it cleans your subconscious. So, you are creating more and more space, allowing your available consciousness to expand. So, in one way, you are saying that I am on the way to expanding my consciousness. Now that I have understood this much, I have to understand the fundamental thing: what is consciousness after all? Simply put, I would like to define consciousness as the degree of awareness, perception, and feelings.   To give a mundane example, if you are mountaineering while in the valley, how much can you see? As you climb a little more, your horizon will expand, and at the peak of the mountain, you'll have an absolutely clear vision, all 360 degrees. Something of the sort happens. Without moving, even though you are at the tip of the mountain, you still have to move to see what is on the east and what is on the west. But in meditation, with closed eyes, you are able to perceive—I don't mean the physical world, but your inner world of perception.   A small example is the difference between thinking and contemplation. Thinking is when you are obsessed with one thought; you are focused on one thought, but when you are contemplating, it's kind of brooding. You see it from various angles. And if you are able to see from various angles, that is contemplation. Thinking from various angles. Perceiving from all angles is meditation. You are trying to perceive things from all possible levels of dimension.   Those who are familiar with chakras know there are many chakras in our system. Depending on your station, you will feel the environment of that particular chakra. If you are on the heart chakra vs. the atma chakra, it's a totally different environment; there is a different dimension altogether. The lower part of the heart chakra vs. the higher part, the lower part of the atma chakra vs. the higher part—they all have some meaning, and depending on where my station is now, I will feel accordingly. And these experiences are extremely subtle. For example, when you are in the heart chakra, after some level of practise and a few months, one begins to feel that the Lord is in your heart. It's no longer a belief that he is in my heart. You begin to feel that he is in my heart. And you just cannot deny that fact. Even if you don't want to believe, you cannot help but feel its presence. It is so overwhelming that, yes, he is in my heart. Then a stage comes when he is in everyone's heart. He is everywhere.   These are all experiential things. So, it's good to make a note of it. After many years of practise, maybe after 30 years, when your grandchildren read your diary, they'll be inspired: "Oh, my grandma or my grandfather was meditating. And you'll leave a legacy behind. It may not be published, but at least if they read even one sentence, they will be inspired to pick up meditation and adopt a spiritual path for their journey in life. What we have to give to our next generation is this spiritual gift.    Q.Before coming here, I had never meditated. The environment around here was so influential that I was able to meditate. After returning from here, without this beautiful environment, how can I continue meditating like I have done here?   Daaji: Make a Sankalpa (prayerful suggestion) that you will do it, and then you will be able to do it. Even in Delhi, we have ashrams and trainers almost everywhere. In Delhi, you can go to their house, knock on the door, and say, I'm here for a sitting. Or you call them ahead of time. And if you have many teachers, they (the meditation trainers) will come to your school and give sittings and meditation sessions. And who knows, you can one day become trainers and start teaching meditation to people. So, we have just begun. I think I'm sure we'll be able to make a beautiful garden of spirituality in Delhi as well. Every little school will also have a garden of spirituality where students, teachers, and all can flourish. The Brighter Minds, as you have seen, are very superficial. This intuitive ability to see things, colours, and letters is very superficial. But what really transpires inside is something we don't know. Only the future will tell us. During meditation, I was remembering my teachers. With so many of you here, I was reminiscing about my good old days of school. And I was admiring them for what they were. And what stood out was their constant encouragement. They would put their hands on my back and say, "Hug you. But nowadays, I don't know if it is permitted to hug a child in a class, but tapping is okay. You can do it; you are smart. Such affectionate words, I think, go a long way. They will remember it forever. Be sympathetic. All the time, teachers want to punish children. It has never worked. If you want to punish a child, reward the other person so nicely that the other person feels jealous that I am left out, and then they will change. If you punish them, you will leave a mark and an impression forever.     Q.(Speaking about polarity) If there could be negative energy that could also be transferred, how can one be careful of this?   Daaji: To me, simply put, polarity is all about energy balancing. Try it on your parents or your loved ones, even remotely. Imagine they are lying in front of you, and you do exactly what you are supposed to do, physically present, and see the impact. It is enormous. Papa or mummy, they are not able to sleep; just do this long distance, and they will sleep. While you are in this direct physical presence, there will be an energy exchange, mostly from yourself to the other person, because you are pushing the energy unknowingly. Without any conscious effort, the energy is transferred. Don't make a conscious effort to push the energy; just touching is enough. A gap of half a centimetre or a centimetre is more than enough. But during this 10- to 15-minute session of polarity, withdraw yourself now and then. Do this by rubbing your hands and shaking your hands, or you can wash your hands also. So, this way, you can drain the energy out and start afresh. Though I love polarity, I am not able to give it to anyone now. My body has become so sensitive that the moment I do this, my hands start burning. So, I am not able to do it. So, if that time comes for you, don't do it. Wash your hands, but how many times will you wash them? You ask somebody to do it for you. Little children are better at polarity than us because their energy is fresh and quite bubbly. It's not very static; it's flowing, rather overflowing. So, if you teach them this, boy to boy, girl to girl, and later on tell them to do this on their parents or the commands of relaxation that you have learned, you teach the children and ask the children to do this on their parents’ feet and give those commands. Instead of saying, "Think of the energy from Mother Earth helping you relax, give commands in such a way that you know, children, or a child holds father's feet or mother's feet and says, "Think that the energy is coming from my hands, helping you relax, starting with the feet, lower legs, knees, thighs, and going upward. By the time the child is up to the heart or to the shoulders, the parents will be snoring. It's a very powerful tool.   Daaji then answered many other questions, and the Q&A session continued for 30 minutes.   After the Q&A, Himanshu ji updated Daaji that teachers have expressed that this is one of the best training sessions that they have undergone.   One of the teachers then said, "Daaji, I liked one thing of yours: that you said, ‘I want the garden of spirituality in every school’. And really, we would do our best to make it in every school, everywhere.
Daaji then left home along with Himanshu Ji. After reaching home, Daaji took Himanshu Ji for a walk in the forest behind Gokul Point and explained all the varieties of flora present there and the different plantation techniques used. Daaji then took him to the hydroponics farm, the floating hydroponics, the deep root irrigation solar machine, and many other places. During their conversation, Daaji passionately shared the importance of teaching students the basics of farming, such as microgreens and hydroponics.   On the way, Daaji gave him a water apple to taste. Himanshu Ji said this is the first time he has seen this fruit and quite liked the taste of it. Daaji asked one of the associates to send one bag of water apples to Himanshu Ji in the morning before he departs from Kanha.   Himanshu Ji was astonished and wonderstruck with the way the things were implemented and experimented with and very deeply moved by the love and affection that Daaji showered. Daaji’s genuine passion for his work left Himanshu Ji deeply impressed. He then joined Daaji for dinner along with a few other guests.   After a delightful dinner, Daaji, accompanied by Himanshu Ji and his granddaughter Devki, ventured to the microgreens farm at THLC (The Heartfulness Learning Centre). The farm was carefully set up for the upcoming academic year, showcasing trays of flourishing microgreens. With great enthusiasm, Daaji explained the intricate details of growing microgreens, emphasising the significance of proper lighting, temperature, and humidity. Himanshu Ji listened intently, realising the immense potential of these techniques for cultivating fresh, nutritious produce. Daaji graciously offered a demonstration, showcasing the step-by-step process from sowing the seeds to the eventual harvest.   Moved by the experience, Himanshu Ji wholeheartedly embraced Daaji's suggestion of sharing the curriculum and adopting similar initiatives in their schools. He acknowledged Daaji's visionary approach and his commitment to instilling gratitude and a sense of responsibility in the younger generation.   In this way, Daaji's passion, the breathtaking work at Kanha Shanti Vanam, and his vision for a greener future left an indelible mark on Himanshu ji. Their encounter became a catalyst for transformative ideas and collaboration, as he was inspired to introduce these practises in his own educational institutions, creating a positive impact on the lives of the students they served.   Daaji then dropped Himanshu Ji in the pearl and left for home. Speaking with a few associates present at home, Daaji answered some questions about working for the movement, its attitude and soul, and its journey.   Pointing out some work that was not done as per expectation, Daaji said, "I trust the people I work with. It's not my nature to second-guess and keep checking in on people to see if they are doing what they said they would."   When asked, "Why is it 23 circles to the centre?" Daaji said, "23 is a mystical number. Why 23 circles? Because that’s what it is. But as I think about it, the number 23 appears in many other places too. For example, the mother's and father's chromosomes are 23. Similarly, the earth's tilt on its axis is 23 degrees. But these are conjectures. The reason why there are 23 circles is because that’s what the number is."   Then, talking about the role of a guru, Daaji said that the guru only gives and gives. Wherever there is a receiver, the Guru keeps on giving.   "So how do we keep receiving Daaji?" asked one of the associates.   "There is no receiving. You also keep on giving. This whole effort is for giving and giving more. You see, when there are ministers and other dignitaries visiting us, we sometimes feel that they can help us so much. There is no doubt they are resourceful and helpful. But remember, at the core of our hearts, we must always remember that we want nothing from anyone. All we do is give. We are here to serve the person for their spiritual upliftment."   Later, Daaji retired for the day.