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Dr. Elizabeth Denley

Yogic researcher, writer and editor

In November 2014, Daaji embarked on an inspiring program for the youth of the Heartfulness Movement. He hosted the first of an ongoing series of seminars about meditative practices and lifestyle, and challenged the participants to design their own destiny. Since then, Daaji has developed and expanded the themes from that first youth seminar, and has explored both meditative practices and lifestyle changes in greater depth in the light of neuroscience, genetics and psychology.

The result is the book, Designing Destiny, the Heartfulness Way. As the work evolved during the ensuing three years, there were many late night sessions with Daaji, when he dictated new inspirations from his diaries, and challenged those around him with more and more questions. Each time he posed a question to us, he would also explore it himself, and a few hours, days or weeks later he would open his diary to a new set of pages, revealing another treasure of discovery to enrich the dialogue. These unique dictations travelled across three continents – North America, Europe and the subcontinent of India. The experience of seeing the text mature and unfold has been worthy of the spiritual journey itself, and of course it will continue to evolve, as do all good ideas. For now, the essence of Daaji’s wisdom has been distilled in this very simple, practical book.

As an editor of the book since the beginning, it has personally been an unbelievably transformative experience. Concepts and principles that now seem so natural and obvious have subtly seeped into my consciousness over the last four years, and the result has been nothing short of life-changing. But of course the real impact is not in simply reading.

This book is a catalyst – a manual for change. Every chapter and every section has practical advice to live a better life. So I have tried to live the words on the page. There is still a long way to go! The real impact comes from taking up Daaji’s challenge of doing the meditative practices, transforming your lifestyle and seeing in real time how destiny is woven.

Actually there is no end to this journey of discovery, to the unfolding of new states of consciousness, and to the blossoming of life that comes with Daaji’s practical teachings and guidance. If you are young at heart, flexible, and willing to make something of your life, this is a practical manual that will help you to excel in every endeavour. Try it and see!

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Ira Trivedi

Author and Yoga acharya

Daaji’s new book is a real game changer, especially for the youth. I loved this book and read it in a single sitting. With short chapters which breaks down spiritual transformation for all of us, this book is a must-read for anybody interested in embarking on a spiritual journey.

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Vani Kola

MD at Kalaari Capital

If you believed that fate and karma shape our lives, think again! We have heard this many times, in many forms, from many sources. Designing Destiny, the Heartfulness Way shows us the freedom we have to shape our destiny, and the easy-to-understand narrative changes any limiting beliefs about destiny. Inspirational!

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1st February 2019

Designing Destiny,

the Heartfulness Way: a new book launched Daaji’s second book enters the market after the resounding success of The Heartfulness Way

17 SEP 2019

Designing Destiny – Book Review

Destiny is a rather large topic to tackle. What is it? And what about that pesky karma?

20 MAR 2019

What was your trigger for writing Designing Destiny?

Back in 2014, we started a series of International Youth Seminars, and my young friends were always asking questions like,

26 FEB 2019

Design your Destiny

‘Designing Destiny’ is a book by renowned spiritual leader and bestselling author of The Heartfulness Way, Daaji (Kamlesh Patel), the Heartfulness guide.

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14 FEB 2019

3 Ways Relationships Change Our Destiny

In Designing Destiny, The Heartfulness Way, we explore relationships and how they affect our destiny. Here is a taste of some concepts covered

14 FEB 2019

Emotions Shape Our Lives

In Designing Destiny, The Heartfulness Way, we explore these emotions in depth, understanding their origin and how they influence our consciousness. How can we work with emotions and reactions so that our lives are more balanced and calm? When we observe the patterns our emotional lives follow, we notice that there are certain cyclical rhythms in the ups and downs.


Life is all about acceptance. And when we learn the art of accepting whatever comes, whether it is a situation, a business outcome, or a partner, it is the acceptance that makes it successful. Even bacteria mutate to survive in a hostile atmosphere, so why can’t we?

-Designing Destiny

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