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Firstly, thankyou for this! This is my first time taking any kind of online course, so these are not in comparison but from my heart feelings.

I like the rhythm and the flow of the sessions. The duration was just right for me to sit with attention. The topics were concise and clear enough. I think in one session, Daaji mentions the book ‘Reality at Dawn’ then reads from ‘Complete works…’. Just a small observation.

The instructor was in tune all the way! I felt like he was here in my home giving the talk and sittings! I felt like he applied the practical stories we can relate to in our daily lives. We cannot ‘escape’ this life but we can open doors through meditation and be in harmony inward and outward or at least learn to work at it and fine-tune ourselves…feel the seamless breeze that flows effortless without barriers.

Suggestion – perhaps the instructor can be seated outside, in a garden or a nature environment sometimes. Perhaps when we do morning meditation, sit in a morning environment, sunrise or ocean, riverbank. Evening cleaning can be in an evening environment, sunsetting, a peaceful garden…just some ideas. [However, this may be not so easy or conducive for filming]. Thankyou from my heart to yours and kind regards!

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