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Jun 16, 2022,Kanha Shantivanam

by: Kamlesh D. Patel

Highlights of the day..

A pure heart is a fertile ground for goodness.

Many spiritual teachers say that meditation leads to heightened awareness and clarity of mind. It is true. It is considered to be progress. But is that really enough to progress? With heightened awareness and a clear mind, a thief will become a better thief! Meditation enhances the qualities already found within us. For true spiritual progress, in addition to meditation there is a need to purify our hearts and minds of all the impurities. This creates purity. Purity gives birth to many other things that are good. For example, you can be pure and at the same time you can be simple, but you can also be simple and still impure. Being simple is not enough. Purity is the foundation for all that is good in spiritual life. Purity weaves destiny.

Elevated consciousness and conditioning

Daaji was going through some texts about spiritual practices, and the author was presenting the limitations of the mind. In context it made perfect sense, but for a beginner, it could easily create the wrong impression about the mind, missing the whole spirit of elevation of consciousness as spiritual progress. Daaji remarked, "Those people with an elevated consciousness have nothing to worry about when they read something. They are able to differentiate what is good from what is not. They are not easily conditioned by books because they already have a better understanding. In a similar way, we have a better understanding of life when we are not influenced by samskaras, when our consciousness is pure."

Daaji started the day with HIS routine walk and then started responding to the emails

7:45am: Daaji had meeting with Br. Sudhir Marva regarding the construction activities

Post breakfast Daaji joined Sahaj in the Road cleaning vehicle and spent almost an hour in cleaning the roads

On the way back home Daaji met the abhyasis waiting for HIM near the Gokul point 

10:30am: Daaji was busy with meetings, which included discussion with Br. Satyan on water,   
Discussion on ashram events and July Bhandara with Br. Ranawat, then   
meeting with Sis. Deepika and Br. Rahul regarding civil work.

After the meetings Daaji was on ashram rounds for more than one hour along with Sudhir ji Vinith ji other all deportments heads

6pm: Daaji met few abhyasis in HIS office and conducted meditation for them

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