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Sep 01, 2022,Kanha Shantivanam

by: Kamlesh D. Patel

Highlights of the day..

Daaji visited the art gallery at THLC and spent some time keenly observing the art created by the students.

Daaji went for a walk at 6.30 a.m. in the rainforest surrounding his house, inspecting the health of plants on the way.


At around 9 a.m., he met a few seekers, including Harpreet Bhan and his family, Anuj, Angad, Ramakanth, Gowthaman and Satyan, and conducted meditation for the group between 9.10 and 9.30 a.m. 

At 9.40 a.m., he met Balaji from the accounts team, along with a few other officers, in his office for the official registration of the Kanha Wellness Center.

Daaji left for Saireddyguda at around 10.20 a.m. He inspected the ongoing work and the water level of the pond. He also discussed various plantation activities and areas that need improvement with Satyan and Saravanan.

On his way back from the village, he stopped for a while near the Kanha main gate and spent some time with the civil team there to have a look at the landscaping on the left and right sides of the gate.


Elizabeth Denley met Daaji at around 11.45 a.m. and discussed content to be released on the occasion of International Peace Day, which falls on September 21, 2022. 


In the evening, at around 5 p.m., Daniela, Philippe, Ariel and Claire came to see Daaji, and he conducted a short meditation session for the group. Afterwards, he once again visited Saireddyguda village and was there till 6:25 p.m.

Back in Kanha, he inspected the pond near the kitchen and the construction and landscaping work on the south side of the ashram, and gave a few instructions to the civil and nursery teams, urging them to complete the work at the earliest.

After his rounds of the campus, Daaji visited the art gallery at THLC and spent some time keenly observing the art created by the students.


At around 7.40 p.m., back home, he spent some time with Lumi from Nigeria.

Soon, Bhushan Bhukte, a Yoga trainer from Kanha, arrived and guided Daaji through Pranayama. Daaji felt exhilarated after the breathing exercises. Here are the instructions for the benefit of all:

Pranayama for Well-Being

Before Starting

Sit cross-legged, and keep the spine, neck, and head aligned. Try not to hunch the spine forward or bend it backward.
Keep the chin slightly tucked, and make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed.
Each practice begins with slow, deep, steady breathing.
Close your eyes and keep them closed until the end of the exercise.
Exercise 1: Abdominal Breathing

Note: Keeping hands on the knees, and elbows straight:
INHALE through both nostrils, your abdomen bulges out slightly, and as you exhale bring your abdomen in.
Continue like this, for a few rounds. 

Note: Keeping hands on the thighs, the elbows closer to the body:
INHALE through both nostrils, take the breath up to the chest.
Feel the breath in the chest region. 
EXHALE through both nostrils.
Continue like this for a few rounds. 
Exercise 2: Anuloma-Viloma Pranayama

Use your right thumb to gently close the right nostril.
EXHALE through the left nostril.
INHALE through the left nostril.
Then, use your ring finger and little finger to gently close your left nostril. Open the right nostril and EXHALE through the right nostril.
INHALE through the right nostril.
Then, gently close your right nostril. Open the left nostril and EXHALE through the left nostril.
Continue like this, alternating the nostrils as you breathe.
Do this for 5-15 minutes.

The final activity of the day was a discussion regarding the Omkareshwar Forest project with Ashok Bhargava at around 8.30 p.m. 

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