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Aug 17, 2022,Kanha Shantivanam

by: Kamlesh D. Patel

Highlights of the day..

Becoming the Vehicle of God

In order to become the right vehicle of God, we have to create that level of simplicity and purity in ourselves. That’s why, at the end of cleaning, we get up with a sankalpa that now my whole body, including my heart, has become a temple of God. This reinforces the idea of purity and simplicity.


Daaji woke up early this morning and went for a walk at around 6.30 a.m. in the nearby rainforest.

Between 7.30 and 8.45 a.m., he was on his rounds of the ashram. After a short halt at the plantation area near Madhuvanam pond, he went to the nursery and then to the pond behind the Kanha kitchen.  

After breakfast, at around 9.30 a.m., as he was relaxing on the swing, seekers started gathering at his residence. Daaji met up with Elizabeth Denley, Lalita, and Chinu Sreenivasan in his room. Lalita Sreenivasan spoke to him regarding the Preceptors’ Refresher Program, while Elizabeth updated him on his upcoming book. 

Daaji conducted meditation for the group from 9.55 to 10.15 a.m. This was followed by a visit from Francesca and her family from Europe. Daaji was happy to see her, and she gave him the Italian version of Designing Destiny. He then shared his insights on several topics and questions posed by the seekers. 

Questions and Answers with Daaji

Q: Does our practice depend on us, as abhyasis, or on our samskaras? For example, even though my grandparents and parents have been in the Mission and I was also born in the Mission, no matter how much I try, I am unable to practice. I’ve not been able to be regular, and sometimes I feel so guilty that it hurts. Still, I’m not able to help myself.

Daaji: We need to value all this. Becoming the right vehicle of God is a serious challenge. In order to become the right vehicle of God we have to create that level of simplicity and purity in ourselves. That’s why, at the end of cleaning, we get up with a sankalpa that now my whole body, including my heart, has become a temple of God. This reinforces the idea of purity and simplicity.

Read at least one Whisper a day and discuss it with your parents, family members, and other youth. I wish that all of our practitioners would form small reading clubs, with 10 to 15 members in each group. Each group can read one chapter or one Whisper, reflect on it, and find something related to what they have read in Babuji’s books. In this way, you can have a debate and build bridges between various pieces of literature.

Q: How do you feel about reopening our ashrams in Italy? 

Daaji: We should start now. We have already started in India.

The Science Behind Vastu

Q: What do you think about Vastu? What is the importance of Vastu at home?

[Vastu is the traditional Indian architectural method based on the science of direction and energy flow.]

Vastu has nothing to do with religion, but it has everything to do with the environment. For example, according to Vastu, the best direction for the entrance of your home is the northeast. They also say that the eldest of the house must sleep in the southwest and that you should have a waterbody on the northeastern side of the house. These principles have a scientific basis, especially if you are in India or in the northern hemisphere. The same principles will not apply in the southern hemisphere. Why is it so?

If you notice, after Uttarayan [the kite flying festival celebrated in India on the 14th of January each year], the wind movement is towards the north. But in winter, the wind blows from the northeast to the southwest. Now, the sun rotates from east to west. If the wind blows from the north and the sun rises in the east, during winter there will be no moisture in the air because the northern part of India is covered by the Himalayas. So the air that comes from there is dry, which is not good for your lungs. If you keep a waterbody in front of your house, as the wind comes in, it’ll bring humidity into your house. That’s why they say you should have a waterbody in the northeastern direction.

Why should the entrance be in the northeast? It is because the northeast heats up minimally. So, as soon as people enter the house, they feel cool. In the olden days, they did not have air conditioners or fans, so they developed such principles. Rooms in the northeast are the coolest, and whoever enters these rooms will feel comfortable and relaxed and have a cool temperament.

Similarly, according to Vastu, the senior-most member of the family sleeps in the southwestern direction of the house. This is because the southwest is usually the hottest direction, and it is etiquette that the eldest person in the house sleeps in the hottest place while sacrificing the cooler rooms for the rest of the family.

Nowadays, all these things don’t apply because we have air conditioning. But if you want to save money [on fans and air conditioners], you can follow these principles of Vastu. It has nothing to do with your religion, destiny, or anything of that sort.

Vibrations Matter

You have to check the vibrations of the place before you choose it. Some places have good vibrations, some don’t. In some cases, it may completely fit within your Vastu parameters, but the vibrations may not be good as some unwanted activities may have happened there with which you may not be familiar.

Let me give you an example. During my business days, I wanted to open a drug store, and our manager’s brother recommended this place in front of the hospital. He said, “It is for sale. Why don’t you buy it?” I said, “Okay, I’ll come to have a look.” So I took the manager along with me, whose brother worked in the store near the hospital. It was quite a successful business, and I asked him why he wanted to go away from there. The owner didn’t say much and laughed so that it didn’t look bad.

Those days I used to smoke and I had brought along my cigarettes. I went to the bathroom to smoke, and I had such a heavy feeling that I could not even finish the cigarette. I immediately came out and told my manager to ask her brother if anything wrong had happened in that place. Afterward, I got the message that just a month before, there had been a murder in that place. They had taken the cashier into the bathroom, shot him there, and robbed the stores.

So, such impressions remained embedded in the atmosphere, and it is difficult to stay in such places with a peaceful mind. But with the help of our Heartfulness system, we can clean the atmosphere and make it as normal as possible. 

Q: So does regular Cleaning help, Daaji? Or is there some other technique to clean such places?

Daaji: Cleaning of the self is good enough. But before moving to a new premise, or whenever you feel like it, you can clean the place. And how do you do that? You just pray to God that “Please help clean this place. May your grace descend.” When God’s grace descends, everything will be alright. Imagine the light of divinity established on the roof of your house, then no evil spirit can descend into your home.

Spirits also look for solace and peace, and not all spirits are bad.

Do Ghosts Exist?

Ghosts are there, but as I said, none of them are bad. They are very mysterious, but not bad. You have to give them what they want – and that is love. So you transmit love from your heart, and that’s it. They’ll be happy. And if they come back, keep giving.

Imagine taking your child to a toy store. What happens? They make your life miserable, “I want this, I want that. I want the whole store.” If you don’t care, they’ll sit on the floor and cry like hell. That’s how spirits are. When they don’t get what they want, they become worse than little children. And since you can’t see them, you feel very scared. Otherwise, would you be afraid of your loved ones? Secondly, you can physically control a child. But how can you control something you can’t see? So, the simple thing is to transmit to such spirits or ghosts with a soft heart.

After this long conversation, Daaji said, “I'm going to crash now,” and he went to rest.

On the occasion of Sahaj and Laeticia’s wedding, there was a Mehendi program from 4.30 p.m. onward. Daaji joined the group around 6 p.m. and conducted a short meditation session. After a walk, he again spent some time with the wedding group.

Daaji had difficulty sleeping through the night due to discomfort in his body.

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